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Tracking Assets & Library Books with the InVentry Audit & Compliance app.

1st September 2021


InVentry Audit & Compliance delivers fast and cost effective solutions for tracking assets in your school. It provides you with a clear audit trail of usage to enable you to make informed decisions on your software and hardware investments. The compliance module completely removes the burden on administrative staff for ensuring that your building complies with statutory and regulatory standards. 

Your InVentry system can now let pupils sign out library books and let teachers sign out laptops or other assets. All signing in/out is done via your InVentry screen or the mobile app and tagged to a pupil or staff member so you can easily see who has borrowed items.

Designed specifically for education, Audit & Compliance is the simple and smart solution to save time, money and resources in your school.

Start your free trial today with code AUDITC2.

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