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inventry will improve workplace safety

The number 1 solution for managing Visitors, Staff and Contractors

  • Inventry brings together all of the paper-based visitor, staff and contractor management systems that you will currently use in to one unique and easy to use digital system.

  • Improve security in your business with live, up to the minute visibility of who is on site and a wealth of information and reports just a click away.

  • Track training dates, compliance registers and other essential information.

  • Integrates with Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, and Slack

  • Free apps to manage staff, visitors, meetings, fire evacuations and much more.

3 Year Warranty on Hardware.
Inventry Touch Screen Visitor Management System

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Visitors can easily self-register, take a photo and sign in. You just hand them their personalised printed badge.


Replaces paper-based visitor books and serves as your single central record of staff and visitors. Manage when staff certificates are due to expire or when training should be refreshed. Helps you to comply with GDPR guidelines.


InVentry certified technicians will install the system, and configure the InVentry software to suit your  requirements. We will train your staff and give you a 36 month warranty for complete peace of mind.

Events Management

Easily pre-book visitors for events or meetings using the free app or Outlook . Customisable email invitations can be created and sent to visitors containing a unique QR Code allowing them to quickly sign in and open Paxton enabled doors. 

Easily Search & run Reports

View historical information for staff, visitors or contractors. Reports can be sent to Excel, printed or emailed.


Create a consistent brand identity with a front screen, fully themed by our in-house graphic designers. Choose which buttons to show or hide.


With a few taps on their phone, staff can sign in whole groups of visitors to comply with fire regulations.

visitor arrival alerts

When a visitor has arrived and signed in, staff can be notified by text, email, Slack and Microsoft Teams. The email can contain a photo which is ideal if it's a new visitor.

facial recognition & BIOMETRICS 

Frequent visitors can use facial recognition for even speedier sign in. Fingerprint technology gives you a secure way for staff to sign in and out.

No more paper records, InVentry securely stores digitally


Freestanding, no install required

Our self-contained kiosk offers an innovative and attractive alternative to the conventional desk or wall mounted solution, with all the comprehensive features of InVentry.


  • Staff can quickly run an emergency roll call

  • Track training dates with emailed alerts and reports

  • Complete visibility over who is on site

  • Helps comply with Health & Safety and GDPR

  • Easy to perform GDPR data requests


  • Self service = reduced burden on office staff

  • Saves time organising visitors sign in proceeses
  • Save time manually adding staff and visitor attendance

  • Record/report the attendance of staff, visitors and contractors

  • Save money on expensive paper visitor books


  • Multiple languages built-in

  • Integrate and use your existing ID cards/fobs
  • Integrates with Paxton door access systems

  • Video guides and built in support ticketing

  • More features and benefits than the competition

Employees can travel to multiple sites and sign in/out using the same ID card or the free app, giving complete visibility.

InVentry evacuation

Fast fire evacuation roll call for staff, visitors and contractors.

Simple to use and clear, provides evacuation and roll-call functionality from any internet connected devices such as phones, iPads, tablets and laptops. Using our new app you can quickly and easily see exactly who is on your site at any time from anywhere in the world. Initiate an evacuation roll call instantly and the app allows you to check people off, marking them as safe and provides an overview of who has been accounted for, and who hasn't. 

The information is pulled directly from your main InVentry system. The app can be opened on as many devices as needed, at multiple emergency muster points, and will sync in real time when connected to the internet. This enables leading staff members to have an accurate log of who is present and has been checked off, even displaying photos for ease of use.

You can also print an up-to the minute list of who is on site directly from your InVentry console, enabling you to manually check off staff, visitors andcontractors.

Improve GDPR compliance & staff safety

inventry anywhere app

Control InVentry on your phone or tablet

Evacuation features

  • Initiate fire evacuations

  • One tap to mark staff, visitors and contractors as safe during an evacuation
  • Scan barcode ID badges and cards for staff and visitors during an evacuation
  • Filter by department during an evacuation
  • Trigger evacuations and send an alert notification to staff via the app

Staff features

  • Sign yourself in and out when onsite or working remotely

  • Sign in automatically once onsite with geo-fencing
  • Easily see which staff are signed in at the press of a button

Visitors management features

  • Pre-book visitors and contractors and send the information directly to your InVentry system

  • Scan barcode ID badges and cards for staff and visitors during an evacuation
  • Easily see which visitors and contractors are signed in

Event management features

  • Staff can sign themselves out

  • Staff can quickly book out whole groups of pupils for school trips, sports events etc
  • Easily see which visitors have arrived and signed in

paxton integration

Enter records once into your Active Directory and it's automatically added to InVentry and Paxton.


  • Populate your Paxton system and users directly through InVentry

  • Remove the burden of Paxton management on administrative staff
  • A single swipe to sign into InVentry and trigger the door release
  • Assign temporary door access cards to visitors or those who are pre-booked on InVentry
  • Sign into InVentry via your Paxton reader
  • Automatically disable Paxton access when a user is disabled or removed from InVentry or Active Directory

access invitations

Enable contactless barrier and door entry for visitors to your building

This feature allows you to pre-book visitors through the InVentry system as normal; then send the new Access Invitation which includes a secure link to open your Paxton entrance door or barrier upon arrival.

You can Set custom time restrictions on each invitation, in-line with when your visitor is due to arrive and leave your site. Simple, easy and contact free! 

single staff id card

Use your existing cards and fobs

If you already use ID cards or fobs you can sign in and out quickly and easily by simply presenting the ID card to the InVentry card reader.

Cards can be issued to staff, visitors or contractors as required. Supported technologies include Paxton, Mifare, HID and more.


We offer an in-house card design and printing service with a free app for you to add staff details in.

5 star Support

Help is just a click away

Access support in numerous ways:

1. LiveChat inside your InVentry console 

2. Self-service web site with hundreds of guides and videos

3. Technical support telephone helpline

4. Email your query to the support team

5. Ask the community by posting your question on the help portal


Extended support packages are also available.



“I no longer need to manually type in teacher attendance which saves an hour a day. The staff find it easier to sign themselves and pupils, in and out.

Corrie Franklin - Office Manager


"X Digital Media stood out against the competition with more features to benefit the school now and in the future. I’m very pleased with our investment."

Julie Ambrose - Business Manager


"The installers were able to overcome some technical issues provider and install during the summer holidays with no disruption. We are pleased with both systems and they have improved the school environment."

Tracey Mills - Business Manager


"We were impressed with X Digital Media and it was an easy decision to make. From installation, to setup, to training it was a straightforward and smooth process."

Tony Harris - Manager

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