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Deliver engaging lessons and presentations with the latest immersive and interactive technology.

  • Tango Touch puts you in control of your lesson or presentation. 

  • Present interactive learning experiences that will engage and wow your audience.

  • With our high performance HD screens packed with exceptional features to help you deliver content like never before.

  • Connect your laptop or memory stick and within seconds your presentation will display in 4K colour. Use the built in tools to annotate and distribute your content.

  • Wireless screen casting/sharing to and from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome OS and Linux.

5 Year On-site Warranty on all Tango Touchscreens

learning has evolved

Collaborative learning is the new standard

Tango Touch for schools

Technology is now readily accessible in the classroom and forms a critical part of school life and further education. Tango Touch ultra slim interactive TVs combine best in class touchscreen technology with high quality connectivity to a broad range of information sources. Used widely in education, business meetings, training sessions, and in sports and safety analysis, Tango Touch offers a powerful way to capture and collaborate with any audience.Immersive learning. 

People learn in a visual way. The interactive nature of the touchscreen TV appeals to the senses and encourages learners to get involved in the lesson. The ability to connect to a variety of source material online, or via WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, VGA, DisplayPort or audio port, gives complete flexibility. Tango Touch brings enjoyment back to the classroom – for pupil and teacher.

Tango Touch for business

Tango Touch can replace laptops and old-fashioned projectors in a business environment. Plug and play your presentation from a USB stick, connect seamlessly to files in the cloud and switch quickly to view online video footage. You can even annotate your slides as you give your presentation and email notes to attendees direct from the screen.

Use Tango Connect technology for video conferencing with an integrated camera, and high quality speakers. It’s a sleek and modern addition to conference and event venues, meeting rooms and offices.

Tango Touchscreens put you in complete control of your lesson, meeting or presentation

Tango Teach helps deliver immersive lessons and presentations

Tango Teach has been created specifically for the modern classroom and designed to recognise multi-touch gestures that users of modern technology will be familiar with such as pinch, grab and swipe.

The unique user interface allows teachers and students to quickly and easily present a mixture of dynamic, modern content such as;

High resolution images, HD videos, Audio files, Microsoft Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, PDF files. 

Tango Teach also has the unique ability to insert content directly from Google Images and YouTube using its built-in web search function. Providing a safe and convenient way to use educational content in the classroom without unwanted advertisements and comments. 

All within a single workspace.

Within Tango Teach users can draw, write, annotate and manipulate content such as moving, resizing and rotating images and videos intuitively using gestures - even while they're playing!

Tango Teach has a simple and easy to use interface that allows users to easily import existing content straight into the workspace.

Tango Teach Collaboration allows teachers to connect mobile devices (such as iPads, tablets and netbooks) and supports up to 32 devices at any one time. Once connected the teacher can pass mouse control and annotation functions to connected devices as required and users even have the ability to send content from the mobile device to the Tango Teach workspace in just two clicks.

Deliver web-based content such as YouTube videos and online images without leaving Tango and import media directly into your lessons. Transfer your existing teaching and learning resources to and from Tango from your hard disk, school network or memory sticks. Connect video capture devices such as visualisers, webcams, microscopes and view the live feeds directly in the Tango workspace. Quickly and easily capture still images or record videos directly into Tango.

We provide free on-site staff training

Tango Touchscreens are equipped with the latest technology

Crystal clear 4K screens deliver detailed images in amazing quality to truly wow your audience.

• Best in class connectivity – connect via WiFi, Bluetooth and a range of ports. 

• Amazing quality – the crystal clear 4K screen gives the wow factor.

• Walk and talk - control your presentation on a mobile device from anywhere in the room. 

• No more switching between multiple devices and screens - brings all your resources into one easy-to-use workspace. 

• Reach the back of the room easily with clear, powerful audio from the integrated soundbar and no need for additional speakers.

• Engage your audience and make learning fun - encourages learners or delegates to participate fully. They can interact with the screen or share notes from a mobile device.

• Innovation in the classroom - suitable for all ages and stages of education. Makes teaching simpler and lessons more engaging.

• Draw and annotate your lessons or presentation directly on screen or from anywhere in the room using a mobile device or tablet with wireless connectivity.

• Simple to use by familiar gestures such as swiping and pinching to control the screen.

• Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.


If you're looking to connect a computer or just a memory stick, Tango touchscreens have multiple ports on the front and rear for HDMI, VGA, USB and Display Port. Bluetooth is built in too.


The built in Android system provides ready-to-use features such as a web browser and annotating tools. You can add more apps from the Google Play store.


4K Ultra HD resolution for an incredible picture quality. Ultra high resolution provides unbelievable detail and a realistic picture. 4K is 4 times bigger than HD resolution.


The touchscreen has the ability to recognise up to 20 fingertips simultaneously. Great for encouraging people to interact with the touchscreen


All Tango touchscreens come with a best in class 5 year on-site warranty for complete peace of mind.


All our screens are fitted with tempered anti-glare glass, giving you the freedom to place and position your screen exactly where you want, without worrying about any glare.


Dual built-in high definition cameras for superior video performance. Present from either side of the screen without obstructing the video. Compatible with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and more.


With 2 x 20w of sound through the main speakers and 2 x 8w sub-woofers, the soundbar provides superior sound quality to enhance your presentation.


Integrated screen casting allows you to connect and present wirelessly from phones, tablets and laptops. The screen creates its own wireless hotspot to allow others to connect to your WiFi.


  • Wirelessly present from iPads, tablets, phones and laptops

  • Import media from cameras, visualisers and microscopes

  • Mirror the screen contents to mobile devices and share notes

  • Students can cast their screens to encourage collaboration

  • 20 point touch touch encourages collaboration on the screen


  • Integrated 4K camera, with pan, tilt and zoom

  • High quality integrated soundbar speakers
  • Compatible with Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams

  • P-CAP screens offer the very best touch performance

  • Easy access to online content and resources


  • Encourages learning with familiar multi-touch gestures

  • Familiar pinching, swiping, stretching and rotating features
  • Media rich resources in a single easy-to-use workspace

  • Will improve engagement
  • Delivers a modern learning environment that's now expected

Sizes available 

55", 65", 75", 86", 98"

We can help you choose which size is suitable for your room.


Brackets and Stands to suit every size and type of room

We can mount your Tango Touchscreen on the wall, or floor stand or mobile trolley for maximum flexibility. Stands can be fixed or fitted with electric motors to change height to suit your needs

To arrange a demonstration in your school or office

call 01928 571 768 or email

To arrange a demonstration in your school or office

call 01928 571 768 or email

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